Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: Extra info
Date: 5-Jan-2007
Comments: 5
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This is my Lazer ZX, I got it from Trismagic. I planned on this being a Christmas pressy for someone but when it arrived my mind was changed (I’m a bad man). It wont take much to get it sorted I have the parts I need and the chassis is in top condition. This will also be going the boxart route. I have now added a standard rear shock mount and the body is well on the way (Thanks Monty)




Glad you like the old girl.Told you it was not bad on the phone but obviously without pics due to probs with my cam at the time you were only able to take my word.Look forward to the finished result.However will probably regret selling it!!!
Cheers Tris



Nice to hear from you tris. This buggy’s going to be really nice when done, you will notice I got some wheels sorted, I’ve got one of Ant’s body/undertray sets, an original wing on order, a rear shock mount on it's way, an original set of decals and hopefully Monty’s going to paint it for me.



Awesome - wish I had all I need for mine! LOL!



Well to make you feel better Mad Zero I'm stuck for box art tyres but I will get by without them as the Schumacher ones shown are crispy new and quite nice. I've had a quick look at yours and there looks to be quite lot of work to do, good luck with it I love these ZX's and the more the merrier.

Classic RC Fan


Lovely mate! and some true Monty magic on there as well

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