Model: (Click to see more) 58065: Clod Buster
Status: Extra info
Date: 7-Jan-2007
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Here's a NIP set of clod buster chevy parts i picked up on ebay a while ago.

I have no idea just how hard to find these parts are, but i didn't have to pay much for them.

The parts trees come in the same bag, they are the H parts (the grill) and the G parts (tailgate). These parts come together to also form the clods roll bar and spot lights.

I've placed some pictures of my NIB clods non chevy parts alongside too.

The deal with the whole chevy badged clod buster was that Tamiya didnt get permission from chevrolet to use their logo's. Once chevy found out the truck was on the shelves, they got tamiya to remove the badges.

Eventually, these parts will grace the shell of my NIB clodbuster, which i'm planning to build using some old skool chassis parts (If anyone has a NIP Sassy Chassis for the clod, let me know!)

The infamous 'chevy' parts! Nice detail Which tamiya had to get rid of... The name was also on the tailgate So tamiya had to remove that too! You can still find the chevy bits on ebay

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Nice score! The original Clod's had 'Chevrolet' on the decal sheets as well. On the sides of the bed near the back just above the tail lights. Not sure if a whole lot of those are still around, but worth the hunt at least! Great parts you have there!!

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