Model: (Click to see more) 58047: Hotshot
Status: Project
Date: 7-Jan-2007
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Well at long last my clubman racer project is a runner, this has been ongoing on and off for 3 years now. First version was based on the TMS chassis kit, but I wasn't happy with the way it was held together using small angle brackets, which didn't help keep everything square and didn't have any decent way of holding the batteries in the car.

I rethought it and decided to build my own. This is built in 3mm carbon fibre, I now realise I have seriously over engineered this one and 2mm would have been fine. Almost completed, I think it might be some time before I sort out the little bits left to do so I'm putting up some photos in its current state. Once finished if there is enough interest I will probably look at making replicas of it.

You might notice the receiver and ESC in the chassis, they are both sitting on top of the servo which is mounted sideways in the chassis and connected to an RC10 servo saver to prevent any bump steer. No photos of it yet as the geometry needs sorting as I still have some odd ackerman angles to sort out. Batteries are held in the chassis using battery holders from the Tamiya M01 chassis, perfect length and bolt straight on. I've got a much more bling design drawn up but it's much simpler to use ready made parts.

Four Kyosho gold shocks hold the car up, with custom shock mounts to support them. The wishbone fixings are from the Supershot, surprisingly more common than I thought when I asked for some in the trades section. Parma adjustable rear anti roll bar fitted as well to reduce the under-steer inherent in the Hotshot chassis as well. Wheels are from RW Racing, based on Hotshot wheels they then made adapters to fit them on just about any car on the market at the time.

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Woober Goober


Holy Cow!!!!!!!!!!!!Stellar!!! What else can anybody say......

Crash Cramer


Wow, right to the Favorites. I do want to know more about those wheels. Only ones better I have ever seen were same design but BLACK. Coll thing about the M chassis battery retainers....QUICK RELEASE UPGRADE.



I really like this design. Did you say it was based on something else? -Steve



Very impressive.You have really out did your self on this.

flux density


Hmmh, looks like a HOTSHOT Evolution... NICE !



Looks good, be interesting to see how it runs.


Steve, the chassis was based on the tMS kit, see link at the bottom of the page to its showroom entry.


Flux - nice name for it there, appropriately retitled!

flux density


heh heh tell us how she runs ?



Sorry, left a blank comment by mistake. What I wanted to say was, i) Your hotshot looks amazing, and ii) What are those tyres?


The tyres are Schumacher block tyres, still available from them as Schumacher 'Originals'



Oh yes there is enought interest in it to make replica's! :-P This looks just FANTASTIC. THis is the only 4wd drive I have ever looked at and though 'I want to race that!' Excellent work!

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