Model: (Click to see more) 58037: Opel Ascona 400 Rally
Status: Extra info
Date: 11-Jan-2007
Comments: 4
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just got it through the post today, got it on BIN off the bay for £50 inc P+P!! picture was a little hazey but i thought i'd take a chance. the chassis is near mint with only the odd minor mark, inside the tub the radio gear looks new, and the tyres are hardly worn. the shell is a little tatty but will do for now. was going to run this at clumber on the 14th if it came in time, but now its here i dont know if i dare use it, its just sooooo clean and origional!

as it came




Daring color you have there! This must have been the favorite color of the previous owner Nice to see an Ascona again! I am still busy with my project. Cheers!



run it carefully fella! look forward to seeing it in action @ clumber!



I nearly bought that, i was online minutes after he listed it and decided against it because of the fuzzy pics



Nice buy i like these .

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