Model: (Click to see more) 58070: Midnight Pumpkin
Status: Extra info
Date: 14-Jan-2007
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We all know the midnight pumpkin and lunchbox are basic starter kits. Once you'd mastered the wheelies, and general monster truck driving, you'd probably have moved on and bought a bigger, 'better' kit.
But why should we just think of the tamiya's starter kits as bad performers ;-)
Here's my midnight pumpkin - hopped up with a bunch of home made modifications, and customisations!
The 'Third Shock Mod' has been around on TC for a while now, when i saw it i though - thats a good idea! A how to guide of this and other L'box/Pumpkin mods can be found in the Tutorials section of this site, made by tc member Hellbelly - check them out!
Details of my truck can be found in the link below all the pics.
The cable tie mod to my trucks front suspension eliminates the play often found in used pumpkins front suspension arm pivots. the 2 cable ties pull the arms together, and stop them wobbeling in their mountings. This helps to recuce the trucks 'bump steer' and stops the wheels flapping about!

Yellow ones modded, note lowered front suspension CVA shocks are custom mounted Modded body post hole, much better! Custom strut tower brace and esc deck Rear chassis braces and 3rd shock mod 3rd shock mod mounting position on gearcase Cable tied front suspension arms Arms dont have any 'slop' now! Angled shocks, helps keep truck stable in turns Stock shocks - wobble all over the place!

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Brilliant, thanks for all the info



Very nice MP colour choices and mods there!



Finally! a use for those silly TL01 steering arms!

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