Model: (Click to see more) 99993: Parts
Status: Other
Date: 19-Jan-2007
Comments: 5
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The old Fox wheels were looking very sorry for themselves, and two of them were cracked and as a result looked more like a square, so I decided to opt for some new ones.
I remember seeing these ones around before, so a very very big thanks to Crash Cramer and Europro975 for helping me attain these. Got the rears from Crash and the fronts from Europro, (Who I would both HIGHLY reccomend by the way). They're Proline Dyeable ones, but I think I'll leave them as they are. I recon that they've changed the look of the Fox considerably, for the better of course. They actually look pretty much identical to wheels on the TamTech Gear Frog/Hornet, but just much bigger!

Don't want to run them now :)

Sorry for the not so good pics, will try and get some outdoor ones asap

Need to redo the tyre lettering job...




That is a fine looking Fox- the wheels look perfect! I can vouch for Crash Cramer too- top chap!



I think your fox looks great,something about the wheels makes it look mean.

Marcello Rupelli


Now this looks familiar! Had the same wheels on my Fox back in early '87/88. Had the pin spike tires and a Trinity Monster Stock motor though. Was a fun car, for sure.

Crash Cramer


Allie, you little devil. I guess that is exactly what I had in mind should I have noticed the fronts listed. I am glad you made this up, looks exactly as I pictured it. It reminds me somewhat of a sand rail type dune buggy with those wheels. Now get to lettering and snapping some better photos, less cropping.



Crash, I only found the fronts after your rears arrived, so I didn't have them in mind. Yeh, need to take some more pics when the weather perks up

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