Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: Extra info
Date: 23-Jan-2007
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Here is my Kyosho 1967 Corvette Stingray, nitro version. It is for sale for cash only (no trades), as I have no patience with nitro and was able to locate another Stingray body for my shelf queens.

A NIB model sells for $300 US, so that shoud give you an idea of what this is worth.

Included with the car is the original box, directions, a bottle of after run oil, a squeezable plastic fuel container and nozzle (too remove or add fuel), and a 'T' wrench to remove the glow plug.

This car has been very lightly run, as I never made it through the break in process, as its simply too time consuming to sit and watch a car idle for hours on end... It has mostly idled and then been very slowly run a bit just to test, and it still has a bunch of tanks of fuel left to go for the complete break in and engine tweaking. I've run only about 4-5 tanks of fuel through it.

The body is finsihed in Pactra Jet Black and completed with the red decals. The windows have not been cut yet, as per the instructions (to vent/cool the engine), as I never intended to use this beautiful body when running the car.

The servos and receiver will be REMOVED from this car prior to shipping. They are not included in the sale of this vehicle.

Thanks for looking!




Just wish i was around when this went up for Sale! Nitro's Starting to Nail It for Me! This Stingray has the Most Sumptuous Appearance! and Must be One of Kyosho's Finest!

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