Model: (Click to see more) 58016: Sand Scorcher
Status: Extra info
Date: 24-Jan-2007
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This is my oldest baja attempt (well 4 years old) I've just entered it for baja sig. It got split up between the MIP 4wd scorcher and the SRB Sand Rover & the front end is now on Volksrods Baja. I had many hours of fun with this car, all brass gears, double bearing rear arms Thorpe ball diff. Those nerf bars did not last long as they were just too wide and heavy. They touched the ground on sharp turns then dug in sending the car into a crazy spin. Will build another one day.

Also had its Rough Rider days


tuff bug


That loks mean were did you get the rare cage



Thanks Tuff Bug, rear cage came from a member here (sorry names gone) and I think the nerf bars were from Biggus Ditchus I believe but luckily fitted cage.

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