Model: (Click to see more) 58004: XR311
Status: Project
Date: 3-Feb-2007
Comments: 4
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My first Tamiya, the best part of 29 years ago, was an XR311. Sold it for a song, and now I regret that. So I've kept an eye on the ebay for a while looking for one, but they always went for too much, or were too broken to consider. Recently I spotted an ad here on TC for an Ebay auction, so I bid and got it at what I considered a good price.

All the bits are there, the torsion bars are in one piece, all I need to do with it is to clean up and reglue all of the bits onto the body and it's good to run.
I don't think that this will be run that often though, as the XR311 was a pretty rubbish drive, especially compared to the other offroaders. The suspension is basic, the drive is basic, the chassis is basic. But I still love the look of this army car, and the scale detail of the bodywork is something you don't get on any cars nowadays.

Here's a couple of pics as the car is now, pre-restoration. I'll update them when I start to glue all the bits back onto the car. I'm hoping to have this ready for some gentle running in the Spring, and I'm hoping to put some LEDs in the headlights too.

Taking me back to the late 70s (nearly) All the bits are there. Got the box too. Highly sophisticated chassis....... ... and suspension




Looks like a nice project, I have the re-re and really enjoy running them. I Look forward to seeing it all restored!



I had one of these over 30 years ago! I can nearly remember the part number for the large gear pinion in the gearbox! Never had trouble with the suspension though... Just don't trash it too much! Happy trails!



I have a soft spot for these. I remember running one in the eighties. I agree the scale look is unbeatable. I must get mine finished, started it four year ago !!!!... want to see some good action shots



Heh, I recognise that carpet!!!!!!
Looking forward to seeing it how I always wanted it.

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