Model: (Click to see more) 58161: Ford F-150 Truck
Status: New built
Date: 4-Feb-2007
Comments: 8
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I always wanted this truck as just think it looks fantastic. My wife bought it for Xmas so I was very happy!
I wanted to do the truck box art and it is incredibly tricky to get this right. There is a curved blue/white section with a very narrow sticker to cover the join. Also, even the grill is not a black sticker, but must be painted. In all 4 different colours were used in all sorts of different places and a tonne of masking tape!!
Spec : Fully ballraced, with a superstock TZ (more torque) motor, and a TEU101BK ESC to replace the mechanical stock one.
I'd love to run this, but it's so lovely - might have to find a runner shell first that I can put a simpler paint job on!

Routing wires around prop shaft is a pain!!




These are my favorite trucks, once you driven it, you'll be lost. Allmost every outing I run my prerunner, installed with a ACTO-power touring motor. Fast and lovely!



funnily enough, ive just been out with my new built s10, with runner shell ( a must with these!) what a load of fun!! last week it was NIB, sunday its covered in dust and scratched to hell! but what a good laugh, was a handfull even with just a stock can and the sport tuned gear set! jump well too!! i only snapped the ariel



Don't run it! It is too nice! You have done a great job painting it



Ya Get! thats bloomy loverly!! lol



Very tasty!!


That's it. I must buy one of these now i've seen yours. That is a beautiful job. It's such a shame you know, i've just bought a Lancia 037 - and i will put it together but will i run that too!? I'm thinking, maybe not. I see why this hobby costs so much money, one runner, one for the shelf, one new in the box, one... You get the picture. Love your truck man, i will now venture off to ebay for one. [Mail me]



Looks stunning!!! You should check out the Ford-150 SIG! Rock on



Welcome in the Ford 150-SIG This is definately one of the nicest 4-wd trucks imo and Yours is truly very well built and painted! Rock on!

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