Model: (Click to see more) 88887: Any Tamiya RC Model not listed.
Status: Project
Date: 20-Jan-2003
Comments: 4
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It was difficult decide what car is this to place it right in the showroom.

This car is made with a FWD (FF01) front end and a TA02 rear end joined together with a FRP chassis.

I equipped this car with two 14x3 motors. Both motors have a 25T pinions and the gears are the 71T FWD spur gears. I adapted a 71T FWD spur gear to fit in the TA02 rear end. The car is also equipped with a rear anti roll bar, rear hand made carbon damper stay, front motor heat sink and four universal shafts. The car is full ball beared with two ball differentials.

The speed of the car wasn't really increased but the torque power is almost double. I can see the increased acceleration when it starts. Traction is excellent and the car has a little bit oversteer. With a little set up on suspensions it will be perfect. It was many time I wanted do this experiment, today I did it and tested it.
Very funny!

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I think I have something very similar stored at the inlaws. Mine is not nearly as fancy though as it only has stock chassis parts etc. If I remember correctly I also was only using the stock tamiya motors that come with these style of cars. I will have to look into it. Was thinking of offroad it might be a little bit fun with higher profile tires and extended shock mounts. Will have to see



That thing is actually very very cool! I have been thinking about dooing this, but with a TA03F and TA03R combo



i see i'm not the only one :- your's looks better than mine though



Don't know about the look but is a useless experiment, the car is not faster...

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