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Date: 17-Feb-2007
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I have been after a NIB bumper for my Sand Scorcher for some time now but the prices aren't cheap and I was really after a black one.

Whilst speaking to Chris (Netsmith) I came across this NIB bumper that he had that had been seriously affected by sunlight, so after a quick transaction the bumper was mine.

The bumper itself was in quite a bad condition and the sunlight had removed the grey colour and turned it brown. The two photos below show the extent of the damage and the top of the pack.

I got hold of a pot of Dylon Ebony Black multipurpose dye to try and restore the bumper. The third photo shows the dye and it was £2.00 in the UK.

Following the instructions I placed the dye in 1 pint of boiling water with 1 oz of table salt and then simmered the bumper for 20 mins. Make sure you use metal utensils and avoid splashes as the dye will stain!

After 20 mins simmering the bumper was removed, washed and dried.

I think the results in the last two photos speak for themselves. Feel free to comment.

1 The bumper as it arrived, yellowed from the sun Even the pack header has been bleached A small pot of Dye The finished article 1 Not a bad finish




Great the die really works well!



That looks good. I've got an almost new one which is as badly faded as that one and I was wondering what to do with it. Out of interest what is the whitey colour in the last but one photo ? Also where did you get the dye from ? high street shop ?



Hi, the white colour is just me not wiping it down before taking the photo! I am going to just give it a light polish to make it shine again. The Dylon dye came from our local hardware shop but a lot of shops sell it. You can even get it on Ebay now and again. Make sure you get the multipurpose dye though as the cold water one wont work.



Nice save!



How is this looking now, after a couple of years? After all, today is its second birthday, I looked better 2 years ago! Also, can you still get this type of dye, I can't find it?



Bumper still looks great 2 years on, even 3 now!

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