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Status: Project
Date: 22-Feb-2007
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Can anyone tell me what this is? Which company manufactured the car etc.. It is basically the car same as Tamiya’s Fox and the sides of the box is exact copy of the Fox box (except for the Tamiya logo).

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Could be a Chinese rip off?



I read somewhere that it was made in Taiwan as a Fox replica or clone...hope that helps.



So that's where those rear cages come from. Interested in selling the cage?



Maplin Killer, these were sold in the uk by maplins electrical stores along with the wild cat which was identical to the traxxas cat as to who initially made them?



Thank a lot for the help! Now I can search the net for some spares for it. It is made of cheap fragile plastic, not 'high quality' plastic like the Tamiya's.


wot would you like to know as i have two of these cars plus spares also would like to sell as i have alove for these tamiya nock off brought out before the the fox in late 70 early 80s by maplins of essex these by all out account were the premodel for tamiya which resaled better packing and bits basic this was the protoetiep for the fox

Crash Cramer


Wow, that is very interesting. The cage looks stout and they even have Super Gripper tires on it.

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