Model: (Click to see more) 56301: King Hauler
Status: Project
Date: 28-Feb-2007
Comments: 8
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Another cab chop i have been working on for a while. It is based on a Kenworth W900 with a raised cab roof. This is a alteration to a vac form I made a while a go for a globe liner project. I just trimmed it to fit on to a King hauler.
This needs a bit more work and a coat of paint to complete
There are lots of variations of truck cabs and the tamiya trucks are straight foward to alter the apperence of.

1 1 Alloy bumper with Aeromax lights built in The new display cupboard, Its full already Trimmed cab top 1 Globe liner spare cut down the middle to fit

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oh my word that looks amazing i wont one of thos haha seeya saterday have a gooden mate



Looks great! I think that later this year I might get one of these trucks as they look so much fun to build and drive!



great work ,,keep it up

Trail Jero


That cab extencion suits the King Hauler well.
Greate work!

R D Trucking INC


now I like that look. realy brings the king hauler box body up to date. keep it up richard.


That truck looks great! Ought to light it up like a christmas tree though!!



Tamiya Knight Hauler is a copy(not exact) of Freightliner Coronado.The Globeliner is a copy of an International cabover.The Kinghauler looks like a mix between aPeterbilt,Kenworth and maybe some Marmon.Fenders resemble a Peterbilt as does the hood with exception of the tapered point on top of hood.The headlights are more Kenworth style on the Kinghauler,inset into the fender.Overall a nice model and would love to see the final results.

Burn Out Boy


Thanks for the comments jimmy Its one of many on the to do list

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