Model: (Click to see more) 58016: Sand Scorcher
Status: Extra info
Date: 3-Mar-2007
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I'm a bit undecided, my genuine SS Shell is pretty past it as far as perfection is concerned. The pillars are missing, the hinges on the doors have been sanded off, anyway, i digress.

What do i do with it? I've alreaded smoothed the gaps around the sunroof, and smoothed the nose on.

I'm tempted to do as in first pic, what does everyone think!?




Noooo i wouldn't do that mate. I'd go ahead and paint it up nicely as it is. If you want a shell like the top pic, buy a kamtec one from ebay.



you would be a fool not to i think,thats an amazing baja in the pic



Looks pretty smooth without the pillars and so you've converted the doors to internal hinges, slick. Do it retro custom style with a candy colour



Why would you want to do that?



It will never be original again so go for it ! I've been 'box art man' for too long and after looking at customised cars (badboy, volksrod) on the site I've started to build one using all those crap bits and pieces that I can't find any other use for - very addictive. I like what you've done, if you start to cut take time and sleep on it - when it's done it's too late to turn back ! ENJOY ........... look forward to seeing it finished.



Right, decided to mod it, Updates soon!

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