Model: (Click to see more) 58288: Ferrari F201
Status: New built
Date: 6-Mar-2007
Comments: 4
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This F201 has optional carbon chassis from 3 racing, Tamiya aluminum shocks F/R, Aluminum cantilevers with bearings F/R, Aluminum motor mount, Center drive shaft and optional Marlboro livery on the body with Bridgestone logos on both sides of the tires, mirrors ( which I need to get around to painting one day ) and aluminum motor guard.




Where did you get the decals from? [Click here] What driver is that? It's not RB or MS, is it? Looks absolutely great! Grtz Dee.



I purchased the decals from Ebay some time ago, I have not seen them around for the last little while and I do not know who made them, they came in a blank cardboard sleeve. The helmet is a small Onyx helmet that I had lying around so decided to use it and I am not sure which driver the helmet is of. Thanks.

Aussie R/C Parts


Wild looking F1 ! 10/10 Still working on my Ferrari I`m Hoping all goes well , So hard to find 2001 body parts set`s make the job very intense.



Cool looking car you have.

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