Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: Project
Date: 7-Mar-2007
Comments: 7
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This is a Kyosho Dash-1, it was the first car kyosho made early in the 70's. I have an old cataloge from Robbe from 1974 there they called it Robbe K-1. I think the car is not a extrem rare car because they are offered sometimes. But to find one in a good condition can be very complicated. Tgis one seems that is has not run many times it has nearly no marks on the chassis and bodys. It comes with a Lola T-70 and a Porsche 917 body, both whre clear bodys and both in excellent condition with period stickers. I think both are original kyosho bodys. The tires looked like new. Only the rc case is missing the front part. I need for this car a good rc case and a break. Maybe sometimes i will get this. When i found the time i will clean him, to restore him is very easy because of the good condition.

Today we have a rain day and so i found the time to clean the dash, I changed the engine against a Veco 19 i have from an other car, i also add the correct exhaust system. I only polished the body a bit the old colour is very sensitive and i will not change it. I think now the car looks much better as it was. All is original now, maybe i get an old rc system for it, but i will not run with this rare piece.

cleaning finished the Veco 19 engine original Kyosho fuel tank and exhaust


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Awsome body this car ! Its lovely to find an oldie



yes i agree it is a fortune to find a 36 year old car in this great condition



Thanks! WOW! it's great and perfect.This model shows the history of RC gas-powerd nodel's trnsition,and very good for studying the mechanism.
I know a person who own 'DASH-1'to'DASH-9'completery restored these models in Japan.
You have really great one. You must keep these forever ! message from Japan.



Totally awesome. Incredible piece of history you have there. Thankyou for sharing.



This is your best ever Frank ! What a special car.




yes i think it one of my best cars. It is really old and in a perfect condition.



I like your vintage Kyosho collections, but this one is really something else!! Amazing!

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