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Status: Project
Date: 8-Mar-2007
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Here's a sampling of bodies I've made for myself and my collection. These are all 1/18th scale and done in my workshop. Nothing beats the relaxation one gets from scratch building - in this case, lexan bodies.

mclaren and gt40 - a special hydrocal mix I used My first mclaren shell Audi R8 Audi R8 ADT replica The replica sitting on the real mcoy My first BMW LMR My first Madza 737C Bronco 67Stang The finished shell - 67 Mustang

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Custom lexan bodies II




incredible mate, so how much are they gonna be then



Impressive shells! Can you produce them cheaply enough that it would be worth it to sell them?

Rising Jack


Those bodies look great. Better than many shells i've seen made by brands.



Top rate work- nice job I am jealous, have you ever tried PETG plastic instead of polycarbonate(lexan)?



Are you into giving up some trade secrets?There are a few bodies i would really like to make.



Any plans to sell copies of these on the side?



Thank you for your comments, fellas. I already sell these lexan shells among a few others (ie. mini coop, subaru wrx, 69 camaro, peugeot206 - lost count...)
I've got my own heavy duty homemade vacuum former so labor cost is low - just me, myself & I.
It supports my addiction in this hobby - to the dismay of my lifetime partner. However, we're all permitted one or two bad habits.

I started with PETG. Quite easy to work with, unfortunately, the kids that tested my shells on their high speed micros shattered or broke them in the first couple of collisions. I found PETG does not have a high shear resistance or durability when compared to lexan. On the other hand, lexan is more difficult to work with & has a higher water content in its makeup so one is supposed to 'dry' these before forming them. I've been successful thus far (thru trial and error) in getting the right combo of heat and pressure on these smaller scale bodies.

These particular shells have minimal undercuts. I've now been able to add undercuts to some of my new designs to permit more realistic styling bodies. I hope to apply a newer technique for extreme undercuts to my upcoming 1/12th & 1/10th scale bodies.

trade secrets? patience (which I don't have...), sculpting skills definately help, some materials knowledge and of course, one's own equipment and tools.



Those look really scale - did you do them by hand or using a CNC mill?



Thats very cool man! Must be alot of work,no? Keep it up!



no CNC work here. just clay and steel and alot of profile photos to reference.
AND dieselboy, yes, alot of time and TLC.


hey is it posebel that you can do 2 cars for me
a Chervolet Monte carlo SS 1980
[Click here]
Chevrolet Suburban 1985
[Click here]
in 1/10 please



stunning work !!! The clay prototypes are amazing ! the result too !!

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