Model: (Click to see more) 56702: TamTech-Gear The Hornet
Status: Runner
Date: 9-Mar-2007
Comments: 1
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In stead of the kyosho mini inferno i bought my daughter a new runner, i've tested quickly at home and i must say this drives so much better then a kyosho mini inferno. It even cost me less then the kyosho. So far she doens't know it yet, but she will find out later this evening that she has a new car to run with. The frog has the best outfit and option parts (color) for a girls car :-)
I'm still waiting for some option parts to arrive but there are allready some option parts and a sport tuned motor (SPT) installed and with a 12T pinion and it goes very well. I guess i have to buy me one aswell cause it does drive nicely.
It's very bouncy with the standard damper/spring set,hope i get the oil filled damper set very quick.
The more i look at it the more i want one of my own, i guess i'm a little bit jallous :-)
Why i christmas so far away when you need it? :-)
Hope you all enoy the pictures of my daughters new car




Yeah my daughter likes the Frog too, might get her one for her birthday. Luckily for me I've already got a TamTech Desert Gator.

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