Model: (Click to see more) 99989: Schumacher
Status: Runner
Date: 24-Jan-2003
Comments: 2
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I used to race this in the early 80s. The chassis is made of a channel of polycarbonate. The centre post is to screw the ESC on to. The foam tyres were super soft all round, and coated with silicone rubber to give it grip. The silicone had to be replaced each week on 4 sets of tyres as the stipple was so small it wore down each race.

How simple can you get. 1 Nicads were held in by large O rings 1 These chassis were flexible! Link between suspension arms is to adjust camber Rear motor floats in rear of car



Ah yes, remember it all to well, like it was yesterday in fact
Those tyres could last a race if you were lucky, no carpet in those days no-siree, wooden floorboards washed down with the town hall firehose
Armaflex rubber is so soft, and don't forget they were mounted on plastic rings which slid over the wheels and retained by the rubber 'O' ring in a groove in the wheel
We did try these cars on carpet when it came out, but TEAC (the tyre treatment of the day) destroys lexan - it was an expensive few weeks until we got the carpet cars


At least the change to carpet racing meant the house no longer smelt of drying silicone after preparing the tyres every week. Just wherever you put the car smelt of TEAC instead!

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