Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: New built
Date: 13-Mar-2007
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This is the world renowned Kyosho nitro Peanuts Racer circa 1976. It has a .010 O.S. old mark engine in perfect shape and it has a Royal 3 channel radio, that is correct 3 channels and it needed it. Why you ask? When the rest of the RC world was in its infancy Kyosho had already perfected a clutch driven forward and reverse system. The servo in the neutral position is of course neutral, in the forward position it puts downward pressure on a cork clutch plate sandwiched between two aluminum discs, for reverse it applies upward pressure on the disc that is in front of the cooling fan. When I got it the cars batteries were dead and it was pretty grimy. I cleaned it after taking it apart and decided to leave it alone; the body was dirty but besides a few scratches cleaned up pretty well. The wheels could use some paint but I installed a new NiMh battery in the car and the radio's battery will hold a charge for 15 mins or so, long enough to test and set up the servos and run the engine. I didn't let it down off the blocks because I knew it would run and didn't trust the radios battery so it just went through the shake down and shut off. The suspension is pretty rudimentary and the plastic is 30+ years old so why risk it, after all it is a piece of RC history. I have another that is NIB and 3 of the electrics or Eleck as they call them. These cars were sold to get people into the hobby and build Kyosho's share of the market. It worked; there are thousands and thousands of drivers and collectors all over the world now thanks to their pioneering effort. In a totally unrelated note, I did receive a wheel and tire for my US made Raco JacRabbit from a company in Austria and my new friend Wolfgang Stumpf. I ordered the wheel a week ago yesterday and it got here today, so no more excuses from European sellers! This car is in as found but cleaned condition. Please don't write me and ask how much I want for it, you can't afford it and I am getting pretty tired of answering the same questions. Club members can ask if they like or communicate in any way, that was mainly for non-members. I seem to be drawing a lot of them as old car prices continue through the roof, and my wife calls it 'stuff'! The pictures pretty much say it all and I got this from Roman in Germany about a year or so ago, just goes to show how far behind I am and racing season is upon us! Enjoy this one as soon as I get the stickers on the Fire Dragon's new shell I will post it, I have found all the missing parts for it even though it was 'complete'. Enjoy this one it is a piece of history you can read about here; . Read all 3 pages as many of these cars will be appearing here soon, I have all 9 Dash cars now! Wooo Hooooo!!!!




Wow, sweet! You collect the coolest cars



That is beautiful, Kyosho really took design to the limits, their early cars seem hard to believe. Thanks for sharing them with us.

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