Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: Runner
Date: 13-Mar-2007
Comments: 7
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Well, I've just finished this baby a couple of hours ago, and while the beer cools off in my fridge to celebrate, I thought I'd put her up. This was an ebay purchase, bought purely for the Red Shocks I wanted for another car.

Anyhow, as I'm slowly getting some momentum for vintage racing happening here in Melbourne Australia (for all you O.S. Guys) I thought I'd do this one up as a runner/racer.

I made a new body, using what was left of the old body (it was in a very bad way), a wing out of carbon using the mould I made for the Scumacker Topcat Carbon wings (see Bormac's page, he may have a picture of the one I made for him, I'm not sure, actually, jeroen, from belgium has a photo, see comment [thanks Jeroen ;) ]). The wheels are 7075 Aluminium, hand made to take 2.2' tyres, allowing me to bleach the faded, but good Ultima originals and store them for a rainy day. Motor is a tamiya sport tuned, as per the proposed class rules, and the biggest pinion I could find was 25t. Also, it's had a new set of aftermarket shocks and of course the usual bearings etc. It goes well.

Hope you guys like it, and if you are in melbourne, visit to get details of our racing.


all rady for the track the wheels match the chassis! some preliminary 2.2' wheel testing for fit Great looking buggy these Carbon wing was a reject. Found a home for it! just playing with concepts This is what I bought, I wasn't expecing miracles And miracles I didn't get. The ad said RTR. hmmmm.

If you liked those pictures, you should see these...
Built it as per instructions for old times sake.............but then..........




Nice work Antony! Now I want one-he he.



That's a nice one, have a kind of a bigscale look to me. Really nice. Which Kyosho is it?



it's an 87 Ultima. They won the worlds with one of these in the same year. They look a bit like a large scale, but they are actually a small car, with quite a narrow track. by Ant0276



great job antony , look here for rearwing [Click here]



Awesome, those are really nice wheels.



Nice wheels.....great buggy!



Nice work saving nother classic! It is flat amazing how many cars Kyosho built on this chassis, like the Sideways sprint car. Beautiful body work, and I am finding more and more 'ready to runs' in the same condition, sad really, the good stuff is going quick and high!

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