Model: (Click to see more) 58016: Sand Scorcher
Status: Project
Date: 17-Mar-2007
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The sand scorcher,
After finally getting one of these cars I now know what everyone has been banging on about, I now have the srb bug!
I have been searching ebay and other adds for I while now and was surprised at just how much money people will part with for these old cars!
Finally my patience paid off and I stumbled on this car late one night on ebay listed as an 'old rc baja bug' my highest bid went in with a minute to go and it was mine! For a price significantly less than if it had been listed as a sand scorcher. It arrived in record time and was very pleased with its condition, very original and barley used! When I quizzed the seller he said it had been his fathers and had been in the loft for about twenty five years! I have done some digging and this appears to be an early first issue scorcher, black bumper, two bearings on each rear swing arm ect ect. The only down points being that the rear arches have been cut back and its missing some body parts namely wing mirrors and exhaust stinger. Also worth noting is what appears to be Porsche 934 (58001) decals on it!
It is my intention to restore it to stock form but have yet to decide what paint job to do it. On stripping the chassis it became clear that it would only need a light clean before rebuild but the radio box base would need replacement, as it had been cut to allow the battery to be disconnected with the lid on (a common mod I believe). Other than this apart from a repro switch cover and a set of sand scorcher wheels and tires this is all the chassis has needed! The body shell will however need a bit more work, as stated above the rear arches have been cut back and it is my intention to graft some donor arches off a spare shell to it. Have been slowly searching for the missing body parts, which like many out there this is tuning into a very expensive one! Not until I got into this hobby did I ever believe such small pieces of plastic could fetch such crazy prices! But that's another story ;-)
More pics to follow soon.




nice find, i don't own one yet but i will one day i hope, a bit like yourself, just being patient waiting to find the one and then on to getting a three speed



That is a nice find - and feeding the SRB bug can be very expensive !! I've goy a shell with several repairs but it's original, I've been toying with customising it. If a straight swap is any interest email me. That keeps one original and would ease my conscience !



i should imagine selling that black bumper would fund the entire restore, then get a nice allu one they look like supermarket trolley handles anyway.. nice find!



Hi, thanks for the coments, no doubt the black bumper would fetch a bit! but planing to restore this to stock form for now. would like to do a modded up srb at some point when funds allow

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