Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: Restored
Date: 23-Mar-2007
Comments: 5
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Kyosho made this buggy around 1975, it was the first of the 1/10 scale cars from kyosho. the paenuts 09 has a special gear, it can drive forward and backward. Kyosho also made a electric version in 1977. I think this cars are more rare as a SRB.

I get this one from america today. I have wait 3 long weeks for it. It was not the cheapest buy i think, but i want one so much. It is very dirty but it seams that it was only run a very litlle time. It is in a good condition, all is original nothing missing, the body is without any spures. O.k. it must have a great cleaning and the engine don't turns, but the car is fantastic. With the car comes some spare parts for the transmission. I will update when i clean him.

Now the car is cleaned, it was a very easy job, the car was i a great condition. I will let the paint on the body in the moment, maybe later i will strip and repained it.

so i get the peanuts 09 all parts cleaned the transmission ready for the shelf

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Eleck Peanuts, what a name




A rare find indeed.



thanks Neil, i think also this is very rare, but also absolut nice



Hello ! Very thank you for your precious model.
Kyosho 'PEANUT-BUGGY'is also very famous in Japan. Ofcourse,I own the one that has completely restored.This has very unique drive system,
that can run Foward and reverse.But.... runs very slow ! (Because, gear reduction is worm-gear !)
However, it's so funny cute,and pretty,I think...
I'm sure that is be your treasure one. Message from Japan


Just found onw at an auction with the box and extra parts. Really cool concept for the 70's



I think you will find that its 1:12 scale and not 1:10 as when you put it next to a 1:10 Tamiya Sand Rover its obviously smaller.

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