Model: (Click to see more) 56317: Scania R470 Highline (full operation kit)
Status: New built
Date: 14-Apr-2007
Comments: 8
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Hold for a long time by the custom guys,

But.. it was here at last!

Scania R470 Japan (only?) full option version!

It is build with some extra's.

Full ball bearings kit

Optional oil shocks for a smooth drive

And, some Conrad light stuff for show bits

Of course, those last one's are adapted to work with the light kit

Also a custom alloy side pipe was made, to get a bit more,

' Pimp my Scania ' look

The rim rings on the front got a gun metal finish

Windows are tinted a bit with automotive stuff that you can

Use to black out the rear lights.

Hans was so kind to place the Vabis decals, after me airbrushing the purple filling in

As, might know.. i am not quite a decal-master ;)

Speaking of decals, made some custom decals..

Small Dutch banners for the windows, Dutch licence plates

And some other filling for the rear, as Tamiya did not provide the correct length-signs

The one's on the decal sheet are by law, only for a trailer!

Bit of a sloppy mistake imho from Mr. Tamiya.

With the plotter made some decals of the V8 logo

This plotting is still in a test faze for me, so more info on how & when will be released soon

Might bring out on demand a small series of decals for the Scania drivers here

The paintjob was a nightmare, as the primer went evil on me

Found out later it got frozen last winter, it can't handle that

So, not that perfect.. but 'can do' for a runner.

Had already a run on it, and.. i really think Mr. Tamiya made the sound set more loud

Quite amazing, how a little truck like that can make so much noise :)


rizzo rat


Are you going to make a movie using this rig?We need a movie of the multi function unit working in a scania.



I aggree with rizzo, video please . Great looking truck that Stefan I'm also interested in knowing what the 'plotter' is and where to get one from if it is indeed anything you can buy lol



Videp is going to be made guys, no worries!
will start doing 'dark' shots tonight for the light effects.

R D Trucking INC


now thats best scania I,ve seen so far. outstanding workmanship.

SLIM 10-4


Nice wagon, I should have used tinting spray too coz that film stuff is well tricky. Love the curtain sider too that always gets my attention when im driving down the motorway and i see the Sloggi truck beside me, SWERVE Whoops thats the RuMbLe KeRb i'm driving on (C'mon we've all done it)



Stefan - absolutely great - stunning trailer - where you get it?? Jakes



Thanks Jakes, from , easy to find, just look for tautliner. If in trouble, PM me.



I´d rather enter Sloggi on Google

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