Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: New built
Date: 15-Apr-2007
Comments: 4
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Kyosho called it in the middle of the 70's 'The first radio controlled amphibian vehicle'. It was the first, and the only ever made with nitro engine. The other amphibian vehicle i know was in the end of the 80's from multiplex 'the amphi car'. The kyosho dash-9, is a very rare and hard to find model. It works with a 3-channel rc and has a zip starter for the engine. The body is made in ABS plastik, the front and rear axels are in steel, wheels are plastik. This one comes from the UK to me. The car is like new, i think it is never run, maybe an engine in it is run a short time. The car is not finished but i have nearly all parts from the kit. Missing is the fuel tank, the engine mounts and a rubber for the water transmission. The box, the decal sheet and the instruction are also like new. It was very save stored in the last 30 years. I will build him ready and put an new Enya 19 engine in when i foznd the time. I hope i can store it also so save the next 30 years. Pics will update later when it is ready.




That's GORGEOUS, very like a VW War-Thing



Absolutely beautiful. I want one



o.k., i can understand this, but mine is not for sale



Hello ! I was so surprised.and impressed.
This model is the last of Kyosho 'DASH'series.
It is said that 'SCHWIMMWAGEN' is a motif.
'DASH-9' was producted in 1975.
(I have same one !)
This has very unique mechanism that is,ducted prop-screw is driven by belt from engine output drive which can be changed dug-cluch system.
Very rare in all of RC-models, may be only one
that has been producted before.Never to see forever? Message from Japan

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