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Date: 16-Apr-2007
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I wanted to give all members a sneak peak of my driver for my Sand Rover project that has been in process for a while. I just finished painting the driver this weekend and plan to post the complete car next weekend (4/21-22/07). The driver was a blast to paint, which is one of the reasons I wanted a Sand Rover as part of my collection. I used paint washing and drybrushing techniques to get a neat realistic look.
The finished Sand Rover will include several custom parts all made by fellow TC members - including some brand new designs.
I wanted to thank in advance: Cul-Tech, Mike00Top, J-Man & Rad22Rad for their excellent designs. I also want to thank Rammer for selling his Sand Rover kit and making this possible.

Driver Profile Driver Body Front Driver Head Driver Body Left Driver Body Right Driver Body Close Up Driver Body Down

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Lt. Dan, I will save you. Dangit Forest, leave me here, I'm supposed to die in battle. Seriosly, nice work, but aren't you afraid that pic 6, people are just going to talk to your chest?????? LOL



I know the faces on these drivers are usually scared but your driver looks... terrified!

Great painting fella



Great work Dan, I can't wait to see the complete car.



Nice work on the driver figure.

rad22rad Alloys


Looks good Dan, Can't wait to see the finished project. Your Special wheels are now on their way now.



amazing work, my men always look like zombies



Wow! Nice painting on the driver....good detail work.

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