Model: (Click to see more) 58111: Toyota 4x4 Pickup Mountaineer
Status: Restored
Date: 19-Apr-2007
Comments: 41
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This Mounty was Traded with S.Williamson, thanks Stu. I originally intended to have this as a runner. But i got a little carried away as usual and my imagination took over. The Body and chassis were used and the rear window section was missing. The chassis was stripped down and fully ballraced. The gearbox was also stripped down and ballraces were added too. Modern Radio and an ESC were added, a High Torque servo was used also. The tyres were changed to softer lower profile GRP Block tyres. This completed the chassis. The body came next and this is were things got the better of me. The body was stripped of old paint and rubbed down. A new rear window section was scratch built and fitted to the cab, this was filled and rubbed down to match the bodywork. The whole body was primered and then sprayed Tamiya Metallic Black. I was lucky enough to get the Prototype's of the silver and grey decals from Lee Egan on Tamiyaclub. I have used similar decals on a Hilux i did for TC member and Great Mate Dunkman. I know this would look good on my Mounty. These went on a dream, thanks Lee. The whole body was clear coated several times, then rubbed down and polished for a glass smooth finish. The Window section had a crack on the upper part of the passanger window, so i desided to cut this out and make the passanger window look half opened. After doing this i thought i would do something a bit different with the interior. I wanted to fit a driver figure to the Mounty, i used a Sand Rover Driver for this. His body had to be remodelled to fit the contour of the seats and this was done with plasticard and filler. When dry the body was sculpted and was finished. I wanted to put a dog in the cab with the driver, so after much searching i found a dog figure in a toy shop that was perfect in scale for this truck. I also found some miniature bits for the cab at a craft shop, a Camera, Kodak film and an 80's style mobile phone. These were all fitted to the dashboard. I also carpeted the floor in the cab. The rear bed now needed some detailing, i had once seen that tamiya had done some miniature models of some RC cars for a coffee promotion in Japan, i thought these would be good to use. I bought a set of these and to my surprise they measured up to 1/100th scale which is perfect for use in a 1/10th scale model. These were built up and detailed, even the wrighting on the tyres was done. These were fitted to the rear bed with tiny 2mm screws. Next i wanted to add a sports bag to go with the cars. this was done with foam and aluminium foil and tiny carrying handles were also fitted to the bag. It was sprayed matt black and then i used Tamiya water slide decals for the emblems, finally all the stitching was painted on and the bag was fitted to the bed. I also found some miniature Pepsi cans and added these to the bed also to complete the bed detailing. The rear window was made from thin perspex and added to the body. Next thing to be done was to add a lighting kit to the Mounty, the rear lights were drilled out and lights were fitted to the front and rear of the truck. Final detailing was done with matt black paint, Chrome and Gold Adheasive foil. The body was mounted to the chassis and given a final polish. Maybe i went a bit over the top with this one, but i am glad i did. Hope you like what i have done with this Mounty.

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I just LOVE the bag in the back!!! really great work mate!

Chain Driven


What a beauty !!! Very nice with silver decals and I love the Minis on the body bed ;o)



Tasty work fella, definitely cause for concern
Is the RR driver wearing a TC T-shirt?



That looks absolutely stunning Rad!



looks perfect as always!!



That is quality!!! Great effort



Fantastic love the attention to detail


Work of art! Another beauty of yours!!



Spot on!



Just awesome mate. Really is a special truck with all the detailing. Superb...!



simply outstanding



great effort!

rad22rad Alloys


I would like to say a BIG Thank you for all the comments on this Mounty, i really do appreciate it guys.

Bin ^jammin^


Absolutly superb, wonderfull detail and thought in this Mounty, love it!



Love the work that's gone into this, the little details make it into a really special Mounty. Outstanding work and a favourite for sure!



Amazing craftsmanship and attention to detail as usual mate. You're a real life Tamiya Jedi



Superb mate! Fantastic dog idea & small cars in the back, I see even those have had the 'Rad' treatment LOL!! Love it!



'kin 'ell matey! This is simply stunning - you've really raised the bar with this one. I love all the details, especially the guide dog! I'm gonna have to work real hard to equal this one!


I think, no no, I'm certain Rad is bonkers. It takes detail to a new obsessive level. I think Dunky told me about this car, I didn't believe it was going to be THIS detailed. Outstanding work.



My god man. I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy <bowing reverently>



i just love the look of this mounty...

rizzo rat


Superb Mounty rad. I won’t one of those mini bags.

Double B


wow! thats cool, love the mini tamiyas in the back.



Great model Rad, love all the details, best I have seen

Brat Attacks


That is marvellous. Such attention to detail that it makes me sick FANTASTIC WORK. You just have to love it.



Brilliant my friend - Lol @ 1/100ths! Just needs four more things, Mr. Rad Alloys -Steve



This is better then perfection! It's always nice to see a new built By Rad on TC!



A true homage to the Bruiser and your custom design skills. The addition of the driver, dog, mini Tamiya's, field bag and your excellent wheels bring it all together! Please read Rad's description above for all the details. This is one awesome design!!



Another great example of your attention to detail - this looks amazing.



Oh, that is so good! Love it!



Lost for words...............



Wow! This is superb. And finally something useful to do with those miniatures. Excellent stuff.



'Please read Rad's description above for all the details. This is one awesome design!!' Did I miss something?



Great details especially like the coffee cars, that is so appropriate for Tamiya club I know one of my most common truck loads in my real truck is rc cars lol!

Happy Harry


Inspiration and Aspiration, superb!



Very very nice mate. I love the mini buggies. I've been waiting 3 weeks for the last item for my high lift before listing it and now you've beaten me to it !! still, sandbanks in the morning, woohoo !



This is a very special truck indeed! I was lucky enough to see it last week and I couldn't believe my eyes!! Such pain-staking attention to detail.. Just luv all of the 'fun' extra's that you have put in or on this truck. A fantastic & unique Mounty Rad, you've created yet another TC-Legend!!

Crash Cramer


Second time around sure is much more to look at and admire. Why don't you link up Dunkman's black truck on the bottom of this post for comparison? It is a shame that we can't ZOOM these photos and check out all those minute details that make this thing awesome.



Well if that’s what you’re going to do with my trades, I don’t think I’ll let you have any more!
It’s supposed to be a runner! It’s silly, the first time you go over a jump the Pepsi cans will get all shuck up and there will be dog hair all over the cab.
Great looking mate, see you soon,



WOW! That is an amazing car! Just how I want my Hilux High-Lift to look like =D Like your clearcoating and sealing of the decals -trick... How are you shure you don't sand it too much?



So very beautiful! To watch cars that looks like this is good for the soul! Rock on

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