Model: (Click to see more) 58081: Nissan King Cab
Status: Restored
Date: 20-Apr-2007
Comments: 7
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This was my racing truck from '90 to '93! Started as a King Cab but call it a Hi-Lux, I liked the Toyota body because it looked better and it was a Strong shell compared to the brittle King Cab shell- also, I am a fan of the 'Ironman'! It was raced with the SASSY CHASSIS and Ballraced bellcrank steering package, adjustable steering turnbuckles, fully Ballraced, along with all Tamiya, Thorp, JG and RRP hop-ups. I restored it while adding some parts, cleaned and lightly polished the chassis. To keep the polished look, chose to put Evader ST Front threaded dampers at all 4 corners about 5 years ago in addition to fitting Tamiya UJ's and an A.P.M. rear motor gaurd (polished). Got a hold of some CCP chrome, added to chassis along with an OLD SET of Imex red chrome California Directionals wheels and Duratrax tires I had sitting around for YEARS. I think the wheel/tire combo keeps the Hi-Lux Monster Racer look. Comments always welcome...

Some day, the chrome parts will come off and I will take some action/high flying pics of this truck:P ...

Will add the Allec & Lane Lethal Weapon 2 belt tranny in the future.

I added some old pics I found before the full on resto started for this old racer..

Box was my last Monster Racer purchase in '93 pic from early 90's, wish I kept the Sees wheels! SASSY!! Found this with my old pics.. old pic before the resto began..

If you liked those pictures, you should see these...
Monster Racer Runner




THAT is a treat to look at !!



This looks amazing



Your trucks look amazing, love the hopped up King cab and this hilux looks like the `daddy`. Top work!



That is outstanding!!! I have never heard of that chassis but I want one! Very cool indeed. Where did you mount the esc and receiver? On top of the lexan battery shield?



Thanks for the feedback! Correct Singapore_959, esc and rec. were mounted on top of the thick Lexan that also kept the battery in the truck. Sassy Chassis made chassis's for most Tamiya and Kyosho trucks in the 1990's, I think they went out of business?



Gorgeous truck, your Beetle is nice too. Thanks for the comments on my models!



Amazing truck, I'm just in awe of the calibre of this thing, what a fantastic memory of your early racing days.

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