Model: (Click to see more) 58038: Subaru Brat
Status: Runner
Date: 27-Apr-2007
Comments: 17
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This Brat has beeen bought from TC member 'Loaded' some time ago ( Thanks Paul ) It came with box manual and new decal sheet. The car was in a rough state and the body was cracked and split in many places. Restoration started with a complete strip down of the chassis. All broken or worn parts were replaced, ballraces were fitted throughout and a Sport tuned motor was added. I changed the rear shocks with oil filled Tamiya ones and fitted CRP Shocks to the front suspension. Modern Radio and ESC was added also. I fitted My Ranger custom 1 Aluminium wheels to the Chassis and painted all the rivet detail in with black paint. The tyres are originals and i painted the lettering in my customary runner yellow. Next came the resto of the body. I needed to get new front and rear panels as the originals were beyond repair. All the Cracks and splits were repaired, filled and smoothed flat. The rear window section was cracked around the mounting points , so this had to be fitted filled and sanded to fit. The whole body was primered and sanded smooth. I wanted to spray this Brat with Mica Red as that is my favourite Tamiya colour and looks great on a vintage truck or Scorcher. I firstly sprayed an under coat of silver then the Mica Red. Once dry all the decals were fitted. Clear coats follow rubbing down between coats and the whole body was polished down to a glass finish. I masked the rear cab bed area and sprayed that Matt Black. All the detailing was masked and sprayed Matt black for that dechromed look.
I added Wipers and exhaust from left-overs of my High Lift kits. The Driver was given a Rough Rider head as i thought that looked better for the Brat. All was given a final polish.
Time to go down the Beach !!!!
As you can see from the last pic's it was a flyer. It ran all day without any problems or damage. It was quick and handled superbly. Definatley worth getting one of these. I loved Driving this Brat and i hope you like the way it came out.
Thanks for looking

1 Flying Brat Vintage and Re-release Flyers Just couldnt stop doing this all day


Brat Attacks


That looks 'you know what' fantatsic. Like the metallic red and yellow/red stripes. As for the action pictures......speachless



Great shots rad. Your wheels look very nice on it too.



WOW super painting!! and great pictures to suit



Excellent job! Keep these custom rides coming.. Great actions shots to boot - too bad the 'jump' photo competition is over.



Great shots!



At last! Great looking car that looks even better in the flesh, even the wheels look awesome!! ha ha. Seriously though if any of you have ever thought about buying some of Rads wheels- buy a set, they are masterpieces in the flesh. Great pics and a great day out. Always a pleasure.

Daffodil Jr.


Looks great on the beach and they jump better that I thought they would. Great pictures.



Nice Brat Rad



Great Brat and great action pics -- looks the perfect spot for em



Well, once the HiLift is finished looks like another set of Rads wheels are in order. Fantastic exapmle. Gotta get me a Brat now



one good looking brat! nice coulours



THAT IS ONE KILLER BRAT! The labour of love paid off. Hats off to rad for running this beauty!!!



Crikey mate! you're a mad man! That's a wicked Brat and I wouldn't fly mine if it looked like that. Well done on a great look and great driving.



Once again Rad, you've produced a stunner! Last pic is awesome!



STUNNING! I love the Brat & this is a really nice change of colour & look. Top work again finger puller!!



I am proud and a little embarrassed! Proud because I am lucky to know Rad and his skills with restoration. Embarrassed because you should have seen the before pictures! It was a challenge, to be honest, I dared him, but once again he came out on top with this beauty. PS, Rad, I have a Scorcher in terrible condition just waiting for some TLC.... PPS, That Hilux I dared you with, waiting to see that with baited breath!



Love it. Those alloys just set it off. Love to get a set for mine. The Brat is a pleaseure to drive, I just got a re-re. BEAUTIFUL example!!!!!!!

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