Model: (Click to see more) 58001: Porsche 934 Turbo RSR
Status: Other
Date: 2-May-2007
Comments: 6
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Just got this stunner from my GreatMate. It's not quite finished as yet, but I couldn't resist putting a few pictures of it in my showroom. Yes, I know that thats a 935 bumper, but I have a new 934 bumper waiting to go on and driver etc... This car was built using all nip/nib original vintage parts. Once I have finshed it off, I will delete those pics and add all new pictures and place it in the New Built section where it belongs. (I'll also let you know the mystery TC member that I got it from then too??!!) (Think perhaps the body work gives you a few clues...?)

Cheers Great Mystery Mate!


Chain Driven


What a beauty Dunk ! Love the colour. Jerome.

rad22rad Alloys


Nice porsche Dunk. Who ever did this for you must be a Porsche Fan !! Wonder who it was ????????



Hmm.. I wonder? Perhaps even a Porsche Owners Club member???



Great 934 Dunk. I wonder who you got it from?



Could even be someone who owns 2 Porsches eh? Nice car lad.



I can recognise Rad's work a mile off Nothing wrong with using that bumper, btw!

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