Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: Restored
Date: 3-May-2007
Comments: 3
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This is the first electric car kyosho builds, it is released 1976. The car looks like a Manx Dune buggy, as many rc buggys before. Kyosho made first the nitro version and later the electric version. It comes with a 380 motor and mechanical controller. In germany they where sold by robbe, it costs 1976 - 198,-DM around 100,-€. From kyosho it was the low budget version for beginners, nitro buggys costs a lot more in these days. In the instruction stands that you can drive it with 4 normal batteries or with a 5 cell akku. Most of them where ride very hard, so it is not easy to find one in good condition. I get this one some days ago from ebay, it is only cleaned and is 80% perfect. The box and instruction are from a other buy, but the other car was very bad, only for spare parts.

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Nice find Frank. I really like the nitro.




i love them both the nitro and the electric. Now the only one which i must have is the peanuts racer in nitro version.



Hello! thank you for nostalgic model.
this is 'ELEC-PEANUTS' .Gas-powerd version of 'PEANUT-BUGGY'('PEANUT-RACER')
Producted in 1977.
You can see early time electric-motor system and mechanism.But very cute ! I love it.
You know,most of this kind of dune buggy is modeled based on the motif of VW-BUGGY(EMPI IMP and MAYERS MANX's DUNE BUGGY).
Any way, something great model ! Message from Japan.

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