Model: (Click to see more) 99989: Schumacher
Status: Restored
Date: 30-Jan-2003
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This car started life as a standard Procat. Changed the chassis to a XLS saddle chassis and added the following hop ups.

Pro Shocks, MMS alloy ballraced steering set, MMS front and rear diffs, MMS alloy bearing housings, MMS alloy eccentrics, MMS alloy inner transmission housing, Slipper clutch, carbon suspension mount, carbon Bosscat shock mount, front and rear anti roll bars, alloy heatsink/wing mount and black transmission sideplates.

The body as an XLS aftermarket one made by Frewer. I 've fitted a Fantom KRY 12x2 modifed motor (I must be mad!) and a LRP Quantum ESC as there isn't much room in there. This car will be a runner!

Told ya it was a runner :-)

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