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Date: 20-May-2007
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Second part of my pics. This time showing some people and funny scenes. Apologies to everyone who's not shown here.

In the first pic you can see the local mayor who stepped in to check what weird people came to his town. In the end he was quite impressed by our stuff and invited us to come back any time!

See all my pics from this meeting here:

the mayor and his wife. ChiefGeronimo right. DJTheo and Greenman Technical.Burp and Fantuzzi DJTheo Greenman and Skol_68 Wolfgang and ??? full crew having breakfast on the beach! the girlz Chief.Geronimo. Big thanks to you mate! everybody had to take the group shot :)

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Great Fun, great pics, great ChiefGeronimo!!!!!! What a great weekend!!!

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