Model: (Click to see more) 58370: Dark Impact
Status: Runner
Date: 21-May-2007
Comments: 6
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With the Dark Impact finally Tamiya came back to a high competitive 4wd buggy. My Dark Impact is totally hopped up with all kind of upgrades on the market. The car is equipped with 3 Racing carbon chassis, 5 Stars front & rear carbon shock towers and carbon front brace. Rear tower is reversed to have the dampers behind the rear axles. 3 Racing titanium screws and turnbuckles all around. Blue sealed ball bearings, 5 Stars steering linkages, 5 stars universal propeller shaft, 5 Stars super rare FS-7039 steel gear, GPM alloy motor mount and ToBee Craft universal joints fitted all around. Also mounted 3 Racing light heavy duty differential cups front and rear, 3 Racing chassis stiffener and rear brace, 3 Racing front and rear hubs and 3 Racing front hub carriers (not showed here). Tamiya center one way, slippery clutch, steering rod, alloy dampers and tuned springs, alloy motor heat sinks complete the Hop Ups. Soon will arrive GPM front and rear arms, for display only when the car will became a shelf queen. Hope I didn't forget anything. Enjoy the pictures, comments are welcome. Thanks. Max.

Carbon & blue alloy!!! Slippery, stiffener and heat sinks. Blue galore. Reversed rear shock tower, rear brace and UJs. Carbon again. Alloy hubs and Universal Joints. All titanium screws and turnbuckles. Universal Joint on the center drive shaft. Cool! Rear brace, rear hubs and rear Universals. Handmade alloy spacers on top rear damper mount. Old star dish wheels.

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super gripper


Nice Max - very nice! Watch out for those UJ's, broke mine the first time out. I have now got the 3 racing ones in mine, blue is nice-we like blue!



This looks great. Just what the new Avante ! should have been.



Hi all and thanks for your comments. Alloy gear cover don't fit with the slippery clutch and I agree with you about the dust but will solve the problem. I also have other brand (GPM) universals but I'm really curious about the strenght of these Toobe Craft so will test it. Will let you know about Chris. Thanks again.



hi mate i have one coming 2moro,how much did it cost for the chassis and shock towers,it looks the dogs mate.



you have way to much spare time



Very sexC buggy, good job mate

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