Model: (Click to see more) 58047: Hotshot
Status: Restored
Date: 2-Feb-2003
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I bought this Hotshot for a song off eBay in the summer of 2002. When it finally arrived, I didn't really like it as much as I expected I would. I mentioned to Chris (netsmithUK) that I fancied getting rid and he persuaded me to hold on to it as it would grow on me. It certainly did and now it's a firm favourite that I won't sell or trade...! When the car arrived it was missing it's front driveshafts. According to the seller these had been removed because the car was too fast. Hrm, well if it was too hot to handle as a 4WD you're going to have a major job as a RWD only...! Anyways, it transpired that the front gearbox output cups were from an Egress of all things, so no wonder it had no driveshafts - they wouldn't fit...! I finally sourced a set of cups and put some new driveshafts in. Shortly after, one of the front uprights literally crumbled, so I replaced these with some aftermarket aluminium ones which look quite smart I think, albeit not original. I have recently added a new body, and decals but didn't have a wing. I have most recently added a set of brand new gold wheels complete with brand new Oval block all round plus a new front bumper assembly and a new front gearbox casing (original had split). ***UPDATE*** I've now sourced a new wing and have painted and decal'd it before putting it on the car. Hotshot now looks the business...! It now just needs a few extra bits to be completely restored.

Yay...! All done with new body and wing...! Original Wheels, tyres and bumper Roof removed so you can see the painted driver... As it arrived in 2002...

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