Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: Extra info
Date: 18-Jun-2007
Comments: 8
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This is my Ultima Pro 1, the car was in great condition when I received it and box art was my aim however the arrival of a duratrax chassis and Sees alloy wheels saw an end to that idea. As the Duratrax chassis increases the wheel base the original shell would no longer fit so I have used a Sand Viper shell as I felt this would be the closest body in style that is currently available to the original shell. I have also added a one off front shock tower made by Fibre-Lyte which has allowed me to use longer shocks.

I have now replaced the Sees alloys with Lohas split rim Hurricanes, pictures to follow.

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Crash Cramer


Very slick, should go very fast as soon as you can tie some batteries down in it. How about velcro strips???

purple nut


hi iam a big 2wd fan and youve got this right,wheels are something else nice one.

flux density


Lovely !



Very slick. Well done!



Thanks for the kind comments chaps, I'm more than please with how this has turned out considering that this is the first body I have painted in six years and I wasn't much good at it then either. I don't know how quick it will be Crash Cramer
and I wont be finding out, it's destine for the shelf I just need battery straps to make it complete.



Super beautiful, very nice work



Thanks for your advice on the sand Viper shell. Beautiful car you have here.



Thanks for the compliment, I hope I was some help with your body dilemma

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