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Date: 3-Jul-2007
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I got these off the bay. One set on Rough Rider wheels and two loose rears and one front. I've got no idea who made them or if they are off a kit, but they'll be very cool for Baja projects. Any ideas about their origin would be helpful. Thanks.


Trail Jero


Hi Cherrybomb!
The tires are/was made by Panda.On the package it says Panda Paws all terrain traction.The part number is PD0081.I have no ide from what car they are or witch year the where made.Regads



Nice find! They are going to look sooo cool especially if you add some of Rad22rad's alloy wheel covers!



Cheers guys. Now I have somewhere to start a search for more.

Crash Cramer


Very sweet MT repro tires. It might be a hard search since MT has passed since these were made. Isn't it amazing that different manufactorers were able to secure copyright rights for scale tires and well, who lately has heard of Panda, but Tamiya is still around and Kyosho too with their Bridgestones... Who would have thought?



Yeah they came on the Panda Stocker and Danny Thompson Stadium Racer. It was a very basic 1/10 scale 2wd nitro car with a size 10 pullstart engine. From what I remember they were pretty hard so grip was poor. Also Panda is/was part of Thunder Tiger so that throws another avenue to search for more.



I have a set of these tires also, think i got them from dazmeister at one of the TC meets. Nice tires and grip is ok, used them on a sand rover. Look even better with lettering painted!


Nice tyres! Had them on my Chevy K5 Blazer (real one). If you ever think about selling them...please drop me a mail. Thomas

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