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Status: Project
Date: 4-Jul-2007
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After standing around bored looking at some of the body shell's in my workshop wondering what i could do to/with them
it HIT me.
Ah! i wonder what i could do to a Kamtec LWB Landrover shell (Don't you just hate that light bulb over your head LOL).
I know i'll have a go at a basic Bowler racer shell,So i got hold of Keith and had a great chat with him and so it began.
First off i lost an inch out of the middle and about 1/2in after the rear wheel arch(fender) and joined it all back
together with styrene.
Next i found a few different Bowlers off Google and set about doing a basic shape.
Got rid of the middle bar on the screen and cut the wheel arches(fenders) in half.
Next was the sides hmmmm with the shape of a Bowler this was a fun build as the sides tapered up aswell as back! Oh joy LOL.
Now i added the roof and made sure it was well set before i started to do the rear dropropdown section of the roof,Once all
this was done and roughly sanded it was filler time,Used about 1/2 a tube of Squadron green on it then after a good sand
with wet`n dry the whole thing was primed packed then shipped off to Keith at KAMTEC.
He liked the idea but decided to use mine as a visual aid which i could'nt wait to see what he came up with!
After some time he contacted me with some pictures which i saved then opened then almost fell off my chair with what
he'd done!! (Oh my god this man can design and then some) So he sent me out the first shell to cut and play with to
see IF anything needed to be altered!
So i set about making look as close as i could to a real one by cutting the holes in the front bumper and the rear
crossmember,Cut out the headlights as i had some lexan things just hanging round which fitted just right.
What to do about side lights and indicators hmmm then i remembered i hade some Wedico roof lights and again
what a perfect fit.
The six rear round lights are made from styrene tube LOL and the main rear lights are a red holographic decal.
Rear mud flaps are an extra i added by joining styrene sheet to give me the right offset to add the rubber flaps.
So this was the Proto type all done and some pic's sent to keith where he took on some of my detailing and added
them to the next shell.

All i can add now is that this shell to me is PERFECTION! The workmanship Keith's put into this is unreal.
There will also be a LEXAN version in the very near future so be patient.
This just leaves me to say a VERY VERY big Thankyou to Keith for all the hard work he's put into this FANTASTIC
Bowler shell.

Thankyou Steve.
This Shell is now a one of a kind as the mould was modded for his latest version.

Prototype! First mod's Test fit. Split side window.




This has to be the BEST landrover or modded landrover I have ever seen, Top work fella.



Keith has truly out done himself, nice work steve on the early prototype and on this one.



Just awesome (H)



I've said it before, and I'll say it again, this shell is freakin' ACE! I love the rear lights, the proportions look great, and the details are much better than the Landy shell I have! Great work Max, and kudos to Keith for listenting to us!



dude!!!!!!!! this bowler rocks!!!!!, as belly said this is the best rc landrover ever



That does look good here is a link to a youtube video of one on top gear this is spot on with the real one .. [Click here]



want one, but i need one ,please, iv got a chassis



max, that is by far the best rover body i have ever seen, love the color combo.



That is the dog`s dooodaaahh`s



Class act!



One word - awesome !



Cool, I've never seen anything like that before.



The shell looks absolutely fabulous - great job. I want one..... Do you know when Kamtech will have them ready for sale?



WOW, i need one of these to go with my bowler support truck thats in the last stages of building, was wondering what it could support and was contemplating building a one off, cant believe my luck now! fantastic work guys how long till i can buy one?

Wrc action


Great idea and superb work again Keith! - going to go and sort one out for myself - race against that pajero


fantastic i want to buy one but where can i find some wheels and tyres those proportions?



Robert,The wheels are the same as the Z Tune Skyline and tyres are BFG's.


Just bought a shell from Kamtec, and a new TT01 kit to build it on. Can't wait to get started. Thanks for creating such a great shell


cool bodie maty, now u've done this 1 will there be a bowler nemesis to folow sortly? as that would be realy cool



What chassis is that on?



Shanekiv: It's on the f150 chassis TA01/02

Maxxed Ross


Keith has done it again! That is a cracking body. Just ordered myself one too

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