Model: (Click to see more) 58173: Volkswagen Beetle
Status: New built
Date: 5-Feb-2003
Comments: 3
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Bought this NIB from Tamstar(great guy). Had to build it right away. Looks great in black. Will probably naver be run, since it looks so good. Also got another new body painted orange. Had to make this one of my favourites as it is the car that got me into Tamiyaclub and back to the hobby.




The bug looks wicked mate,both the bodys look good, its just the best car in the world.



dreamy gleamy beauty Mr Juice!!! My most fav real car ever. I've owned 5 big ones in my time, one in black but did'nt look 1/2 as good as this


where can i find a body like that, it's really nice, i have never seen bumpers like that please e mail me thanks

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