Model: (Click to see more) 58231: Wild Dagger
Status: Project
Date: 11-Jul-2007
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Hi, here some progress on my Trial Dagger.
As you can see it has an alloy chassis, very simple but strong, not finished yet. It misses the lower side part. In fact there are two gearboxes holes not linked. The side panels will be made soon. They are absolutely needed to avoid breakage of gearboxes mounts or bending of the chassis.
The car is 15 millimeters longer than original one. The Trial Dagger has Moab tires on narrowed wheel (traditional rims. I don't like the bead locks look). Front and rear 6,5 Kg/m servos will be mounted on the car, you can notice the reversed alloy knuckles with ball steering reversed.
The battery mount is on front of the model to help climbings. The shocks will be 105 mm (4 inches and more) mounted almost verticals in the inner side to the lower arms.
As you can see the ground clearance is great, even with the short original dampers. My Carbon Dagger has 70 millimeters in the middle of the chassis with long 105 mm shocks.
Trial dagger with 65 mm original shocks in the middle of the chassis has 80 millimeters of clearance, that is a lot more than I expected. With longer dampers I suppose it will arrive at 90 millimeters .
Differentials are both locked and motors are modified cans with wet magnets (more torque, ball bearings, timing, etc) and Mabuchi 28 Turns armatures. Pinion gears are RRP steel 14 teeth, gear ratio is 1:23,00.
Sorry for the bad pictures. Comments are welcome.

Chassis side view. Misses the side plates for now. 80 mm of ground clearance with short shocks. Short shocks will be trown away for longer ones. General side view. Note battery position. Front end. Note steering connectors. Ground clearance. Will be more with 105mm shocks. Narrowed rims. Servo will be on front side. Many space for the esc and the receiver. Another side view.

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Nice idea. I think it has potential. However, I'd suggest you have a look at torsion chassis and see what they can do for you



Hi Jens, I've though to a torsion chassis but my challenge is to obtain a decent crawler with indipendant suspensions. I wanna mod the Wild Dagger as more as possible but keeping its basic characteristics. Will see how it will work on the rocks. Max

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