Model: (Click to see more) 58059: Porsche 959 4WD
Status: Restored
Date: 17-Jul-2007
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When I got this tattered 959 shell, overall it was in not too bad of a shape, other than the lexan showing signs of aging: cracked edges galore. Even the front end and underside were cracked and coming apart due to the way these shells were vacuum formed (and it's age, of course). I carefully stripped down the old paint off this shell over several weeks in my free time and then began the next process of locating all the cracks and splits.
I then took my time cutting replacement lexan pieces to fit over these existing cracks and splits and using proper polycarb glue to do the body 'bondo work'. I did some testing with lexan bonding prior to this tedious repair job and the results were good with the lexan welding.

I'm quite happy with the end result. :)

Next on the list is to prep and mask for some airbrushing. I just need to find more time.

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Nice repair work - are you going to paint it on the outside?



The original decals are still intact and well preserved. I plan to mask the inner and airbrush the box kit colours. I have all the pieces to complete the inner cockpit and headlights too!
The only issue I have is the previous owner painted a small portion of the rear end/deck on the exterior of the shell. I'll clean it up and repaint what is there as I dont want to do disturb the delicate area.

Crash Cramer


Check with Old Skool, he has found something that doesn't harm lexan to remove the paint, maybe he can tell you what it is and what to expect.



Thanks Crash,
I'll contact Old Skool and ask him about the product. The rear deck and bumper area have some black paint on the exterior I want to clean up. There's a few original decals I need to work around. I dont want to disturb them for fear of irreversible damage. [although I know I can get some replacement copies of the orginal decal pieces].

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