Model: (Click to see more) 56702: TamTech-Gear The Hornet
Status: Extra info
Date: 31-Jul-2007
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TamTech-Gear Hornet with the following hop-ups:

Graupner Speed 300 6V;

Carson 1400 mAh Battery;

MPX High Current Connectors;

CVA Oil Shocks and Spring Set;

nerf bars and front bumper;

58 teeth counter gear from Mini-T, perfect fit and much faster than stock;

Ball bearings degreased and oiled (for smoother running);

Headlight dummies replaced with working headlights;

ProLine Road Rage or ProLine Bow Ties on the rear, depending on track conditions.

HiTec HS-81 servo.

I do use a Modelcraft Transmitter with exponential function, which is needed for the steering, and a HiTec HS-81 (after the original servo died), the rest is still stock.

The little car handles great and is very tough. I race it against a Desert Gator and win nearly all the time, because the Hornet is faster and more agile.

And with ProLine tires on the rear it has much more grip than stock, impossible to turn under full throttle.

Update: I exchanged the CVA dampers with the aeration oil filled dampers, which make the small insect handle even better. But I cannot mount headlights anymore, I lost the small lexan piece that is used for holding them somewhere in the leaves last year. But maybe I will mount some lights on the body.

Update: This car has been sold.

Rear tires from Mini-T Front bumper and nerf bars are necessary This is what the competition sees most of the time Articulation shot with Pro Line Bow Ties Aeration dampers, Pro Line Road Rage (not mounted)


El Thoro


nice looking fast car u got there!
i just orderd a Tamtech Buggy Champ, so i have a question;
Will a standard 7,2V racing pack fit in these chassis?



Looks like a fun buggy!



Hi El Thoro. Normal 7,2 V racing packs will not fit inside of the battery bay, you will need packs out of 2/3 A cells, 6 cells side-by-side. Afaik they are the same as for the MiniZilla. But I prefer the one sold by Tamiya, because it uses Intellect cells, cheaper than GP but nearly the same power, if you upgrade the wires to at least 1.5 mm² silicone. Then you will get as much fun as possible out of this small buggies.

Road Burner


Nice buggy, but I would like to see it with correct rears



I'm sorry, but this car will never ever get correct rear tires again. The original rears wore very fast and they do not provide enough grip on sand and tarmac, and this is where I mainly drive. For tarmac I now use Mini Cooper 60D tires and the toy tires are only on it while I have to wait for ProLine Bow Ties to be delivered. The Bow Ties are the replacement for Wild Boar rears, which are not available from Tamiya Germany. In fact, Tamiya Germany brought out its new catalogue, and there is none of the GB-Chassis based Buggies in it, only the GT-01 Cars and spare parts for them. For the buggies there are only spare bodies and wheels, no other spare or tuning part that is only suitable for the GB-Chassis.

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