Model: (Click to see more) 99983: Associated
Status: Restored
Date: 31-Jul-2007
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I bought this car off eBay about 6 months ago. The seller had it listed as new built, and when it arrived, it turned out to be real mystery.

The chassis is the strange part. It looks as if it has been painted, as its a different colour, and not as shiny as the nose cone and motor mount. There are a few marks on the front arms, and the speed controll also shows some wear. All other parts look new and unused, even the tyres still have the mold flashing on them.

I plan to paint this one in full boxart colours, and will post some more pics when it's done.

Different colours...?

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Associated RC10 #6016 ^The original^




The chassis and the nose plates did come in different colours, the early chassis matched the colour of the nose plates, its possible that this car was built from parts rather than a kit

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