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Status: New built
Date: 31-Jul-2007
Comments: 4
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This is my A&L RC10 with JPS Alloys, MIP transmition and carbon nose plate. I purchased the kit from A&L via Ebay and have spent a few months sourcing the other parts required to complete it. It's a fantastically engineered conversion with beautifully manufacture parts, I can highly recommend this kit. The JPS alloys are also very nicely produced however they took months to arrive with many international phone calls and numerous broken promises from the manufacturer, I was not in the least bit happy with the service I received.

I am very happy with how this car has turned out, I still have some dying of parts to do and a body to fit which is a job I do not relish.

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How cool is that!!



i think i've drooled >< what you have there sir is a wonderfull bit of kit. and yes im green with envy



sweet, I am sure you posted this on RC10talk too!



Thanks for the nice comment, yes Scollins I spend allot of my time on RC10talk but keep my showroom here as with so many others (it's an excellent facility)

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