Model: (Click to see more) 58063: Lunchbox
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Date: 1-Aug-2007
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If you have ever owned a lunchbox or pumpkin then you will know that the handling of the truck is not that good. On the original lunchbox you had bent crappy wire with a small ball end on that came off if you ever touched a wheel with force. On the new re-issue you got 5m balls and proper thick shafts but still no real left to right range. I have had an original box for a while now and have messed about with the steering buy fitting a parma hop up kit to replace the bent wire one but still did not get the equal left and right i wanted and so did this to the truck to get some REAL steering out of it

First i got some new style track rods and then a high torque servo saver set and fitted it to the servo but then found that the rods where still at a steep angle and had no throw on full left or right, then i fitted the higher ball studs on the hubs to give a better angle for the rods to travel to get full left and right. The result is great left and right steering and a great turning circle.
This 'kit' is now fitted to my new gold box and i have downgraded the servo saver to standard one because the hi tork one snaps and don't bend as much as original one

good angle on the rods fit the tall balls on to the arms with lock nuts run it over rock and get better grip

If you liked those pictures, you should see these...
Had to go Gold




I still manage to roll mine over, even with poor steering! Mod looks good.



Nice one, a mod i havent got on my pumpkin yet! Great work, should be better than the stock setup i think


that looks great, but those uprights are fragile.. I break them all the time.. when is someone gonna make some aluminum ones??



Useful advice thanks!



If you want decent steering on a VLB: CRP FX-10 double wishbone suspension. More range and far better angles, no bump steer and no tyre rubbing on the damper when the suspension is compressed.

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