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Status: Other
Date: 8-Aug-2007
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Hi there everybody. Now to test all you Tamiya super brains. I' am tryin to find out what tamiya buggy's these wheels fit. I know that they are not a genuine tamiya Hop-up to 2.2 tyres but there for vintage 2WD tamiya buggys. The rear wheels have a 4 pin type hub in a circle. & the front wheels take a standard bearings. There also nt glued so the tyres could be changed to differnt ones. I have had these for a long time but dont have a buggy that they fit. They are a full set on all brand new 2.2 wheels and tyres. I hoping to sell these on ebay or through tamiya club soon as I know what they fit. Thanks everybody. Cheers. Andy



8-Aug-2007 looks like they could be for a striker,sonic fighter,grasshopper2,falcon..etc



My guess would have to be Wild One.



I also think they will be a nice fit for a Grasshopper II or similar chassis..

Tamiya Monkey


they are def same fitment for a falcon


These look like the adapter style of the fox.....4 pin style the same....

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