Model: (Click to see more) 58016: Sand Scorcher
Status: New built
Date: 12-Aug-2007
Comments: 41
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Now that the Tamiyaclub Community Scorcher is finished, I am able to show you the body I was asked to Spray and Detail for Tamiyaclub.
The Completed car is now with Chris ( Netsmith ) and has been announced in the Forum. (Please go and have a look)
A few weeks ago I had an email from Chris asking me to do the body for the Community Scorcher. I was proud to accept the challenge. Chris asked me if I had any ideas about how to do the body. After some thought I had an idea. The Chassis was so nice it would be a shame to cover it with the body and loose all the Superb work and Plating done by Jerry ( Pleiku68 ) and I also thought it would be a shame to display the body next to the chassis.
The only way to keep the model, as one would be to section one side to show the lovely chassis.
I put this to Chris and I must say I was surprised when he said “Go Ahead “! Brave Man.
We discussed the paintwork design and thought given the short timescale (3 Weeks)
, we would stay with Tamiya’s original style but to commemorate the first RC car that Tamiya ever produced in 1976, the Baby Blue Colour original box art colour would be replaced with Cobalt Green from the Valliant Porsche 934 RSR.
Steve ( S.Collins ) made a fabulous interior set with driver and co driver figures and this was trimmed and fitted to the body.
Finally I added some smart Custom Mirrors from Mike ( Mike00top).
The end result was, a Scorcher Body with a view into the Chassis and I must say the White and Cobalt Green colours really do compliment all the Gold and Silver colours on the chassis.
I will make a full write up with pictures of how I Sectioned, Painted and Detailed the body very soon.
I would also like to thank Chris ( Netsmith ) and Steve ( S.Collins ) for working with me on this.
I hope you all like what we have done with this Body and I hope that Mr Tamiya likes it too.

6 Tamiyaclub Community Scorcher Body with Chassis 1 Sectioned side 1 Interior fitted and signed by S.Collins and Me Solid side Bonnet section view With our Leader (Note the white cotton gloves) 1 With Me 1 Thanks Steve ( S.Collins ) the Interior looks Good

If you liked those pictures, you should see these...
TC Community Scorcher Body. How It Was Done.




OMG !!!! what a stunner!! ive just ruined my underpants!!



Stunning effort mate, really do love it. Seems a shame to let it go!



Rad thats simply amazing work, love the sectioned body and the colour is perfect. The whole car is a work of art! Now is Steve going to release this interior for all other Scorcher owners.



WOW! I can't believe the quality of this thing - Near perfect; Dare I say MUSEUM quality? The Cobalt paint has to be one of the best original ideas I've seen in some time! -Steve



.......................... ...........................




!!!!! (I am totaly speechless it's so gorgeous!!!!!!! ).

Chain Driven


Excellent Rad, so please send it to me at the usual address, I'll send the cash we discussed at the usual place ;o) Jerome

Wrc action


Stunning - And the Cross section idea is superb Shame that its going on display and not to be run still it will do all those involved proud - Well Done!!



Awsome idea! WHEN will come to their senses and rerelease??



congrats to all people involved in this project - simply stunning car



Good work. Nice detail and original idea.



Absolutely Fantastic job. Well done.



Rad and all the others involved in putting this together - you guys have really outdone yourselves. I can't think of a more perfect model to go in the Tamiya museum!



Fantastic job !!!! (Mr.) Tamiya will be proud !



Rad, that's stunning. They couldn't have picked a better bloke to do the body. Great work Rad and everyone else that's contributed, you make TC what it is, and I'm proud to be a member of that.



What a amazing piece of work. Well Done



Now this is what i call a nice sand scorcher the idea to section 1 side of the body is fantastic and would be great to see on other tamiya s. with all the work done by tamiya members that were involved its good to be able to see it .



I am honored to have been involved, and it was a pleasure sweating over the sculpting, tooling, vac-forming and painting of the interior. (Production number #1.. BTW!) I greatly appreciate the swift efforts of both Rad and Netsmith (Chris) in their work and communications with me in Detroit to get things handled smoothly. Great job to all the contributing TC members!!!!



Wow! that is superb! Icing on the cake - and the cake is something special too. Excellent job all round.

rizzo rat


Another grand job rad, looks awesome.

Snake Plissken


Amazing job rad!, the finish on the body is immaculate. I really like the cut outs on the body, you are a brave man! If I were to cut holes in a perfectly good Scorcher body I know my hands would shake from the stress!
I think Mr. Tamiya would really appreciate the time and effort that went to this car.



Absolutely perfect! Awsome job matey! I love the colours, the finish and the cut outs. You've done TC and yourself proud!


I feel really lucky to have there when this BEAUTY was being created, seeing it right from the start as a white shell, gaps being filled and filed ( and breathing the dust and sweat ), the body being cut out ( still can remember the swearing ) to show the amazing work inside, the spray job being done, all the trims and stickers ( still stuck to the carpet ) and finally awaiting the interior to arrive from the US with one more day to go and a post strike being announced!!!! I think an incredible effort went in by everyone who has worked on this Scorcher! Well done!!!!!
OK, so don’t say wives aren’t interested in Tamiyaclub!



WOW!! WOW!!! That is a fantastic, breathtaking, amazing....... You all make a fantastic job!! Congrats!!

Bin ^jammin^


Top Job! there isn't much i can say that hasn't already been said. Well done, all the hard work and inspiration has paid off, this is truely stunning and deserves to be in the Tamiya Museum for everyone to see.



Congratulations, fantastic work. :-D



Wow. Now that's an amazing piece of art. You guys have excelled. This is the sort of thing that keeps me coming back for more. Congrats to all involved.



Really amazing and daring.. Excellent work. Love it.

Crash Cramer


Absolute eye candy Rad. I know it will need a motorized turntable for its museum case to display all the wonderful angles to all that see it and pass it. I will now have to inform the wife we will be going to the Tamiya museum in the near future. Gotta get the passports up to date.



Breath-taking stunning. Respect all round.

Burn Out Boy


Just fantastic... get it on a slow turntable and video it to make a great screen saver



World class!



Two words - 'Best Ever!'. I doubt there is a finer Sand Scorcher on the planet. If this doesn't inspire Mr. Tamiya to re-release this legend, then I don't know what will.



Great effort guys! <respect>



I was lucky enough to be shown this Body before Rad passed it on to Chris. Such a true Work Of Art. The idea to cut the body panels out was a rare act of Genius. (And having the Bottle and Skill to carry it through was very brave of you Rad). I knew that Time was against you on this one GreatMate, but seeing was believing on this. And I believe that all our fellow TamiyaClub members will be proud of your time and dedication taken by you on this project to create a piece that is more than worthy to sit in the Tamiya Museum. I must also give a Huge RESPECT to all the other TC members who made this Sand Scorcher so unique and so special. Must of been very hard indeed for Chris to leave Japan without it....



A piece of art!



This will go to Tamiya History!!! And, YES i will enjoy it everytime I'll go by this site!!!



One word for me sums this up....Remarkable!!!



I can't even think of a word to describe what I see. You guys really did something awesome.



Man oh man you guys are at the top of the tree and shaking it! Well done!



Rad, I was just reading this post again and cannot believe it has been nearly 5 years since we discussed putting an interior in this car!!!

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