Model: (Click to see more) 99999: Misc.
Status: Restored
Date: 12-Aug-2007
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Well, what should I say about this car. It was my first real RC-Car, it was cheap and it was fast as long as it lasted, it battled with Grasshopper IIs and won many times before it was destroyed after an race accident.

About 16 years after this accident I bought another Kangaroo on ebay to repair my destroyed one. And the Kangaroo is still capable of fighting against Grasshoppers and their successors, Fighter Buggies, Gators and Vipers, but winning has become more difficult. Not because the modern cars are faster, it is me, because I am too afraid to destroy the Kangaroo again, I already destroyed the wing when accidentially pulling a wheelie.

I tried to use the same electronics as I had when I started this beautiful hobby, but unfortunately the wonderful HiTec speed controller I used then is not working anymore, so I substituted it with a Tamiya TEU-101BK. Also the servo is not original, but it is the same type, only newer. The only thing that could be original is the receiver, but as I had some more of this type in the past years I can not guarantee this. I still have the stick type transmitter, that was made by HiTec and sold by Conrad Electronic as Modelcraft (Re-Branding at its best) and use it occasionally, mainly for driving the Kangaroo (brings back some memories).

Update: I bought the bigger version of the original ESC, a HiTec SP0150 (original SP090). It may be only me, but I think the car goes slightly better now.

2 Wing fell off when popping a wheelie. Looks good without wing also. Front oilfilled monoshock, really big bumper. Hm, nerf bars, nice. Rear trailing arms. Everything is mounted in the rear of the car, why?

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Fantastic story and a rare beast. Thanks for sharing.


Nice Car.
I have got the Widlebeast.

Maybe, i will leave pics on this site.



I remember seeing these in RCCA and wanting one. Weren't they RTR?



@Danbox: I think they came RTR in many countries, but in Germany you could buy them as semi-kit also (gearbox already assembled, tires glued, not much left to do except tightening some screws), don't know if there were any RTR sets of them in Germany.


hello, can any one tell me where can I find a body for the Dolphin and also for the Kangaroo. I just bought my second Aristocrat Hitec. My first one I got it when I was 12. Now I'm 43


This was my first car too! I remember going to my first race meeting in Hereford TA centre, and those crappy need bars snapped in my first race. Great memory


Great story. Brings back a lot of memories. It was my first RC car as well. I bought it in 1984 I believe. Maybe '85. I paid $400. Canadian back then for it. You said it was cheap. I must of over paid. I would like to get mine going again. I need a new body and the gears for drive traine. Can anyone help me and direct me to where I can find/buy them. Thank you for any help you could offer.

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