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Status: Project
Date: 12-Aug-2007
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Hen Long Walker Bulldog, new look for new toy!, well i have had 3 of these through my hands, the one i had on here before, was smashed on delivery by post office, so that went in the bin! i then got another which is waiting for me in Canada for when i get back, so i got something to play with, and now this one which i have here to go with my other tamiya tanks, it started off with a basic next generation Bulldog with sound, got it nice and cheap, as it wasn't the latest version with smoke!! (which the one in Canada does have also a metal track set) so i set about changing it's look, from the quite basic and plastic looking standard finish, and i set about painting it in a better shade of olive, more appropriate for the period, and then detailed it with various bits n bobs i had hanging around, after much trawling through google, i found that unlike wartime tanks, these were very spartan in appearance, without load of kit covering every inch, so bearing this in mind, i will put some personal kit like rucksacks etc when i get the figures, but for now i used some chain from a model truck i had, just painted it and coiled it up looesly in a likely location, and the rolls on the turret and under the tool rack, are cloth weathered to look like bed rolls, and sheeting, as with all my models there is always something i will need to tweak, for now the only things i can think of are a couple of crew men, their kit and a new 50 cal, as the HL one is rubbish! and the missing detail like the donkey engine exhaust pipe to link up with the extra silencer/muffler on the rear, it is a runner so i dont want to go mad on fine detail, as that just gets knocked off when i use it, and yes that is real mud in the tracks, anyway the thing shoots BBs very well, and the local cats are now wary of it, the engine noises are a direct rip off from tamiya, as they are not too bad, and nearly identical to my sherman, or pershing, (can't remember now) and can be turned up or down or off! all in all i like the thing, it has some proportionality to the speed, so this one can be driven more realisticaly (the older ones had just 2 speeds) i do wish Tamiya had made it, as then it would be a truly great model, but it is a very useable model, and great value for money, all the features, but nowhere near the cost of good old tamiyas, well thanks for looking, CC

Looks better in different shade of Olive drab Rear of Turret has 'stowage' and a cam net another shot of back end Side profile showing new numbers and div signs and of course the Maple leaf for Canadian forces Another view of turret , must get better 50 cal more views of turret stowage Chain swings free on front looks good when moving flash washed this shot out this one washed out too, but hey what can ya do?




That paint job is spot on How well does it go off road?



Well i have to say, that for a cheapy it is very good off road, it will climb just about anything, and go across the rough stuff with any of the tamiyas, the only thing i did was to remove the two rear tow hooks, as i founf that they got hung up on everything, i let the two front ones (for now!) but they too get hooked on stuff, but i will live with that for now, i may replace both sets with proper swinging ones from a tamiya kit, or some custom made ones, but that is a small thing, overall, it is very good, the plastic tracks are a bit slippery on hard surfaces, but so too are the tamiyas, i will be testing the metal tracks when i get to Canada and get my other one going, so will report on thatas and when, but if you were thinking of getting one, then i would say go for it, they are chap and great fun and damn good value for money! and as you see can be painted up into a very good looking model, which is right at home next to my tamiyas, cheers, CC



Wow Dave that looks ready for combat. What an awesome tank. I love the weathering and detail work!



Hi there Seth, Thanks for that, yep i like the looks of this one, it may even be keeper! now i just gotta get to the one in Canada, and get that sorted too, i will post pics when thats done so you can see a brace of bulldogs! cheers, CC



Hi Dave, I love it! Excellent job! I've been really busy with my Son's 1:1 Yamaha TW 125 but will be back with my dremel soon! Got another new Hailaing 1:12 for £20 at a weekday carboot the other day. Keep that Oak leaf flying!



Thanks Dino, i like it, got a couple of bits still to do, but it is shaping up nicely, i will indeed keep the Maple leaf flying! (not even sure they had bulldogs, but in my world they did hehe)



Hi dave, I have a question for you, if you like to answer. Does the model have the right propotions regading the ¨Pershing ans Sherman?, looks bigger than 1/16. I'm looking to buy one og these for superdetailing but should have the right 1/16 size. Did you think about to resin copy a 50cab Pershing machine gun?. Also the barrel looks shorter that the real one, in 1/16 of course.
Thanks in advance



Hi there, mcovalsk, no they are not true to scale, they seem a bit out in size and some proportions, like the track guards are too wide, and the 50 cal has the ammo can in the wrong place, the reason my 50 cal looks wrong is that i made the barrel from a paintbrush handle, in a rush , it is only there till i get a good replacement, but despite the various things that are wrong, the periscopes are outside the hull, and too high, the tool rack is too high, the exhaust for the auxilliary generator is in the early rear position, etc etc, it is still great value for money, and the bits that are wrong give you something to do on it to make it your own, so if you were thinking of getting one i would say, forget that it isn't perfect, after all it isn't Tamiya, doesn't cost the same either, just go for it, and have fun with it, you can do as much detailing as you like , there are good reference pics on the net, hope this helps, cheers, CC

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